Social Boost

Your social media channels are the most powerful audience building tools you have at your disposal, and there’s nothing your audience love engaging with more than video. Video consumption on Facebook is staggering, and the statistics that prove this are climbing rapidly. If you’re managing your brand or business’s social media accounts, you know how important it is to keep your audience’s attention with engaging video content – but where does that fresh video content come from?

That’s why we’re excited to be introducing our new Social Boost campaign. Our goal with Social Boost is to help brands and businesses increase their reach and expand their audience by creating brand new content to promote every month (or more often, if you want a mega boost!). By sharing high quality, consistent video content, you ensure that your message is heard by your audience – what’s more is that it keeps your message fresh in your audience’s memory. Every month, you could have a new video to help promote your business – this could be a video testimonial from one of your clients, or a video detailing a new product or service you offer. You could start a video blog to teach your audience more about your business and promote a sense of trust between you and your audience. You could even post fun content of your staff to show the environment and culture your workplace has – this is such a powerful tool for bringing in fresh talent to your workforce.

Our Social Boost campaigns are created bespoke for each brand or business – we always make our campaign roadmaps with our clients face-to-face over a coffee. That way, they know every step of the journey.

We will come to your place of work to create brand new video content for a minimum of 6 videos. How often you want these videos is entirely up to you. For a business looking to boost their brand in the fastest possible time, we suggest 2 videos per month (once a fortnight) for a period of three months. If you have a strong audience already, we suggest keeping them updated once a month for a period of six months.

Is it time you gave your brand or business a Social Boost? Drop us an email or give us a call on +44 0141 413 4095  and let us create a bespoke Social Boost campaign that we know will expand your online audience this year.

David McCourt