One of the most rewarding parts of any video production agency is when the project you’ve spent countless hours on gets taken live and starts to generate a buzz for your client. When that client is Blue Sky Autism, an early intervention support charity, the feeling of giving back to a more than worthy cause is incomparable. Blue Sky Autism help families raising young autistic children using an incredible method called Pivotal Response Therapy. They’re currently the only charity in the UK that focuses on early intervention for autism, and their family testimonials are overwhelmingly positive. We are delighted to be part of Blue Sky Autism’s ongoing media campaign – the more families their content reaches, the more families we will have had a hand in helping.


To create a series of educational videos featuring Blue Sky Autism’s therapists and the families they help on a daily basis.


From the charity – “Blue Sky is an innovative and unique service providing individualised programmes of therapy to young children experiencing developmental delays including autism. We focus on using evidence based approaches including the well researched Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT). We are currently the only service in the UK using PRT.”



This was our second time shooting at Blue Sky Autism’s treatment centre in Stirling – early last year, we visited to film Dr. Ramzi Nasir interacting with the children and families at Blue Sky Autism. This was a steep learning curve which we quickly overcame, as we had to shoot fast and create great content.

On our second visit, we knew exactly what to expect – working with young children is difficult! We spent the day filming emotional testimonials from parents with autistic children as well as capturing stories from the therapists, telling their favourite memories while working at Blue Sky Autism.

On our first visit, we deployed two camera operators to double up on content in a short space of time. On our return, only on camera operator was necessary, as the pace was considerably slower and more controlled.

You can visit Blue Sky Autism on their website and also on their Facebook. If you or a family member/friend has a young child with autism, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Dr

Ruth Glynn-Owen at Blue Sky Autism. Every single parent or relation we spoke to with a child in therapy at BSA urged others in a similar situation to them to get in contact as soon as possible.

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