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When uSell Homes approached us to make their first web advert, we were delighted to jump on board. uSell Homes offer home owners looking to sell their home an alternative to estate agents, cutting out much of the hassle and associated fees involved. We were sent a great script to work with (thanks to Chris Torres at Senshi Digital) and began casting for our three actors. uSell Homes wanted to convey the idea that selling your own home isn’t as difficult as it sounds – the best way to do this was with a POV style advert, with our actors addressing the audience in a friendly and approachable manner.


To create a POV web advert for uSell Homes that allowed the audience to relate to the subject in the video.


From the brand – “uSell Homes offers everything you need to sell your property for a one-off fixed fee no matter the value of your property.”


We visited three different locations over two days to capture everything we needed for uSell Homes. Day one was spent with the talented Stephen Arthur, a Glasgow based actor who managed to find time to shoot with us in between acting 6 days a week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We shot part one at the offices of Senshi Digital (pictured), the perfect location for a modern office environment. This gave us a chance to take our time to set our camera, lighting and sound without any rush. Controlled indoor environments and solid scripts are fantastic!

After an easy shoot with Stephen, we spent the next morning on location at Primal Roast (pictured), an award-winning clean eating cafe in the centre of Glasgow. The Primal team were kind enough to let us film part two with actress Beag Horn, even supplying us with delicious coffee to keep us caffeinated through what would be another straight-forward shoot.

Our third video location was shot twice at two different locations with Omar Raza (Limmy’s Show), once at Glasgow’s People’s Palace (pictured) and again at Glasgow’s Queen’s Park. We shot at two different locations to give the client a choice of backdrop, eventually going with the second location. Shooting outside with high definition audio can be tricky, especially in unfavourable Glasgow weather. As we were editing without a backing track, foley sound was added to emulate natural ambience. The same was done at Senshi Digital (office ambience) and Primal Roast (coffee shop ambience).

Shooting was straightforward, but editing required some more finesse to convey a handheld POV style which we were employing. We had shot with a super wide angle at 4k so that we could add in camera movement and shake in Premiere Pro. This was done with Jarle’s Deadpool Effects, a great plugin that simulates movement to static footage.

You can visit uSell Homes on their website and also on their Facebook and Twitter.

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USell Homes - Wandern Media
USell Homes - Wandern Media
USell Homes - Wandern Media
uSell Homes - Wandern Media
uSell Homes - Wandern Media
uSell Homes - Wandern Media