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We love creating video for marketing agencies – you get to meet passionate, interesting people of all ages from every part of the country. You always find the brand ambassadors have become experts on the brand that they’re representing and are able to wax lyrical about their client.  That’s why when Denvir Marketing, a highly creative marketing agency based in Stirling, contacted us to produce media for their client Highland Spring, we jumped to the challenge. Not only are we addicted to their sparkling water (it’s becoming something of a problem, we need an intervention!), we love the Highland Spring brand and their place in the market as a Scottish business. This shoot was (and still is) a lot of fun, as we’ve had the opportunity to travel around the UK documenting the Highland Spring #AnywhereForTennis campaign roadshow around several supermarket chains (Tesco and Sainsburys to name a few), as just as always, the Denvir Marketing team are enthusiastic and willing to teach about their client Highland Spring.


To document the Highland Spring #AnywhereForTennis roadshow as it travels throughout the UK.


From the brand – “This summer, Highland Spring is helping everyone to get happy, get hydrated and get active.”


We travelled through to Costorphine on the outskirts of Edinburgh City to visit the Highland Spring #AnywhereForTennis roadshow at a Tesco superstore. We were documenting the roadshow both inside the supermarket and outside on a beautifully sunny day. Getting people involved (both young and not too young!) with the activities was no challenge, which made documenting the day and editing a total breeze. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a shoot that involves public participation to find that no one wants to approach – luckily this was not the case today. Would-be tennis stars were asked to take part in a 60 second keepy-up challenge to be in with a chance to climb the leader board and win some Highland Spring goodies – this was harder than it looks, as the video shows! Who knew tennis was difficult, Murray makes it looks like a cinch… Inside the supermarket, lighting was a bit more tricky to control, but we managed to make the two lots of footage match in colour and tone.


Denvir Marketing were so happy with the video we created that we were sent off to London the following week to see how the Denvirites got on south of the border – people loved the campaign just as much!

You can visit Denvir on their website and also on their Facebook and Twitter.

You can visit Highland Spring on their website and also on their Facebook and Twitter.

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Wandern Media
110 Brook Street
Glasgow, G40 3AP

(+44) 0141 413 4095

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