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Any time we get to work with our favourite London geniuses Knit, we know something great is going to be created. We knew little about this project until we arrived on site at Aviva‘s headquarters in London, which made this shoot all the more interesting. Getting to see exciting technology manipulated to suit a client’s brief always gets our juices flowing! Aviva were looking for a way to display their remarkable history so that the public could interact with it and see how the brand has went from strength to strength over 100 years. That’s where Knit stepped in!


To showcase Aviva’s Heritage Wall created by London creative technology agency Knit.


From the brand – “As part of the renovation of their St Helens building, Aviva wanted to showcase their heritage in an innovative and interactive way.”


As part of a week-long in-house deal with Knit, we found ourselves in Clerkenwell, London creating two separate films for Knit projects. The Aviva building in St. Helens is absolutely jaw dropping and competes against the impressive array of skyscrapers in the same block (the Gherkin’s imposing structure made its way into the film – we had to!). We entered the AVIVA headquarters and immediately got to work documenting a user journey portrayed by our model Emma Bryceland. The Heritage Wall created by Knit is located on the ground floor right beside the main reception desk, over which there are enormous £1m screens. Knit had to ensure that their technology matched the existing aesthetic Aviva employs. As a user approaches the first screen, the display jumps to life and follows the user’s motion as an attractor. From here, the user can begin their journey through Aviva’s heritage and discover just how massive Aviva has become in their field. The second screen is comprised of hundreds of archive photographs and adverts moulded to the shape of the user’s reflection. When touched, the user can inspect each archive image. Our goal was to document how one interactive screens leads easily to the next. For this, we opted for a more polished, smooth shooting style (read: lots of dolly shots) that leads the viewer confidently. The outside hyperlapse was created on a slider in 7 second video intervals. The bustling pavement and road made for some ideal foreground noise!

You can visit Knit on their website and also on their Facebook and Twitter.

You can visit Aviva on their website and also on their Facebook and Twitter.

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